Managed Solution

By implementing a managed Wi-Fi solution for buses, operators provide a reliable and feature-rich internet experience to passengers while maintaining control over network performance, security, and costs.

Our team will help you customise your solution, handle installations, and efficiently manage your service calls, ensuring a seamless experience for your business.

Keep control over the telecom costs

By striking the right balance between service quality and cost optimization, our Wi-Fi solution empowers businesses to maximize the value of their investment. It not only enhances the overall user experience but also enables businesses to allocate resources efficiently, optimize their telecom budgets, and achieve a sustainable Wi-Fi solution that aligns with their operational and financial goals.

Filter web content

With our Content Filtering Solution, bus operators can customize the level of filtering based on their specific requirements and passenger demographics. They can block access to adult content, gambling sites, social media platforms, or any other content deemed inappropriate or distracting during the bus journey.

Keep Internet access free, or not, or both...

Our versatile Wi-Fi solution offers a flexible functionality that allows bus operators to provide free Wi-Fi to passengers, charge a fee for usage, or even implement a hybrid model combining both options. This enables bus operators to customize their Wi-Fi offerings based on their business objectives, revenue generation goals, and passenger preferences.

Add onboard content

High quality content​ ​at your fingertips

Our​ complete entertainment experience includes movies, games, series, comic books, magazines and immersive​ ​virtual reality experience.

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